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Data Privacy and Your Health Club

Any businesses that collects employee and client information has an obligation under federal and state law to take the proper measures to keep that information safe and secure. It has become increasingly difficult to protect sensitive information from data breaches, but health clubs must remain vigilant. Information collected via fitness marketing digital promos, such [...]

2021-09-16T22:56:13+00:00August 16th, 2021|Members Today News|

Are You Worried About Your Competition?

The Fitness Marketing Landscape Over the past 10 years fitness marketing has gone through many changes. 10 years ago, generating foot traffic and attracting new members was a much more turnkey process. Come up with a good promotion, target the areas around your club with a mailer and some flyers, then hope that the [...]

2021-04-16T15:51:03+00:00February 8th, 2021|Members Today News|

Boost Your Fitness Marketing with Online Reviews

In this digital age, there is now a huge emphasis being placed on user reviews and they have become a huge part of fitness marketing. With major high profile review sites such as Google and Yelp just a click away, consumers are becoming more and more accustomed to checking online user reviews before making [...]

2021-06-22T15:23:44+00:00October 29th, 2020|Members Today News|

The Science of Direct Mail Marketing and Digital Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing or Digital Marketing? One of the questions I often see debated in Fitness Marketing is: "What works better, Fitness Direct Mail Marketing or Fitness Digital Marketing?" Each side of the issue has its fervent supporters. Many of the fitness marketing industries most successful operators built their thriving health club membership [...]

2021-04-16T15:54:42+00:00October 21st, 2020|Members Today News|

Ultimate Guide to Fitness Marketing

Why is Fitness Marketing Unique? Let’s face it, most people just do not enjoy working out. In fact, only 20% of the US population meet or exceed physical activity guidelines. Simply put, most people in the US would rather spend their evenings chilling at home eating pizza and watching TV, rather than eating a [...]

2021-04-16T15:57:35+00:00October 20th, 2020|Members Today News|

Is Your Health Club Poised for a Spring BREAKout?

As spring approaches, many people start setting goals to be in-shape for summer fun. It's like the "Part 2" to their New Year Resolutions, or perhaps, "New Years Resolution: The Sequel".In many ways it's the same mind set; change is in the air, so people feel the desire to visit a casino in Nevada or [...]

2020-10-13T22:27:07+00:00April 17th, 2015|Members Today News|

Back to School Martial Arts Direct Mail

It’s time for back to school, so it’s time to start filling your martial arts classes with new students! This time of year, the most pressing issue on the minds of most parents is ensuring that their child will be equipped for success in the coming school year. Every parent has concerns if their child [...]

2020-11-11T22:44:28+00:00June 27th, 2014|Members Today News|

Get New Members BEFORE Summer!

It's that time of year again. it's late Spring, and most people are scrambling to get their bodies in shape for summer. Whether it is to look good in new swimsuit, or just feel better so they can enjoy an active summer, men and women are trying to shed unwanted pounds. But as we [...]

2020-10-13T22:36:58+00:00May 6th, 2014|Members Today News|

Fitness Direct Mail – New Years Means New Members!

It's no secret that New Year's is the most important time of the year for fitness marketing and health clubs. It's the time of year when club owners look forward to filling their clubs with new members and beefing up their EFT's. It's the time of the year when the marketplace if filled with [...]

2020-10-16T22:32:35+00:00November 25th, 2013|Members Today News|
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