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Retargeting is a program that allows you to position your ads in front of people who have previously visited your website as they browse elsewhere around the internet. When people leave your website without contacting you or signing up for a membership, retargeting helps you reconnect with them by showing your health club’s ads across their different devices.


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    Does your club’s advertising follow prospects all over the internet on all devices? If it does not, then you are missing out on great opportunities to generate new leads. Retargeting is a very effective way to increase online memberships, website conversion rates and ROI. Retargeting works because it targets past website visitors who are now familiar with your health club’s brand, which qualifies them as being more likely to become members or complete some other action of value on our website.

    The Members Today Retargeting Program focuses on two networks to get online member conversions:

    1. The Google Display Network (via Remarketing)

    The Google Display Network has a whopping 92% reach of internet users in the US across millions of websites, videos, and devices. Your “clickable” ads will show on popular websites and will follow people you have tagged throughout the network.

    2. Facebook (via Website Visitor Audiences)

    Facebook’s active monthly user base is over 1.94 billion people, with 22 billion ad clicks per year. Your ads will show up in the Facebook feed of people you have tagged, reminding them of your health club’s offers and services.

    Fitness pay per click marketing

    Here is How Retargeting Works

    1. Drive Traffic to your Website or Landing Page.

    Retargeting does not work if you do not drive traffic to your website or landing pages. There are numerous ways to increase traffic, including: a targeted direct mail campaign, ppc search advertising, as well as new prospect ads on Facebook.

    2. Potential Prospect is Tagged with Tracking Pixels

    A tracking pixel places a cookie your website visitor’s machine when they are on your website. Their cookie ID is added to your remarketing list or website visitor audience. Your remarking list and website visitor audience are stored on Google and Facebook respectively so that you can now also use them for future targeting and profiling.

    3. Your Ads Populate and Follow Web Users

    The Tracking Pixels Identify your website visitor as a “Prospect” of yours and your digital ads follow them and appear on major websites throughout the internet and Facebook. With both Google Remarketing and Facebook, you are only charged for your ads if they are clicked on! Impressions are free!

    4. Landing Pages Drive Conversions

    If your ad is clicked on by the prospect, they are taken to a landing page strategically designed to convert them into leads. An effective landing page will guide visitors into your sales funnel and capture leads that will enable you to market to them as potential new members in the future.

    We Have a Retargeting Program to Fit Your Budget!



    • 1 Remarketing Ad Campaign

    • Create Ads

    • Set Retargeting Zones/Zips/Radius

    • Monthly Art/Promo Refresh

    • Monthly Report

    • Audience Management

    • Landing Page

    • Call Tracking Number

    • 50% Discount
      Off Setup Fee


    • (1)

    • (1)


    • (1)

    • (1)

    DM-360 ADD ON

    Add Remarketing to any
    Direct Mail Campaign

    • (2)

    • (2)

    • with 10k min Direct Mail Campaign

    Check out What Our Clients are Saying…

    “Great response! This card was the best advertisement we have ever done. Still getting calls 6 weeks after the cards went out.” – Tim

    “We’ve had a very good month so far. We are currently at 74 memberships…should close out at 80 or above. I’m pleased..” – Lisa

    “January was great! We got at least 50 sales from the post card and then I stopped counting!” – Alicia

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