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Members Today has been an invaluable partner in helping me navigate the world of health club marketing. As a health club owner, I knew I needed to find a way to stand out in a competitive market, and Members Today provided the expert guidance I needed. Their targeted direct mail campaigns have been incredibly effective in reaching potential members in my area, and their team has been there every step of the way to ensure success. Thanks to Members Today, my health club has experienced steady growth, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

– James C.

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“Members Today has a TEAM of professionals that know the market and help you GROW the business as a partner not just a vendor.“

Mike P.

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Members Today Health Club Marketing

Welcome to Members Today! We are a comprehensive digital marketing and direct mail marketing company, specializing in services for fitness centers, health clubs and martial arts studios. Our team of industry experts is committed to helping your business attract and retain new members through targeted direct mail, internet/web marketing, and guerrilla marketing campaigns.

We know the industry inside out! Unlike other fitness marketing companies, our team boasts over 30 years of combined experience and expertise in the health and fitness sector. You can trust that we know what works, as we’ve tested a wide range of concepts over many years. This means you, as a club owner, can avoid the hassle and expense of trial and error. Simply choose your target neighborhoods, select a promotion, schedule your mail, and start signing up new members!

At Members Today, we offer a comprehensive suite of marketing services that deliver results! We have developed cutting-edge marketing solutions to help your business grow and thrive. With our industry-proven direct mail campaigns, award-winning creative, and precise strategies, you can rely on us to help you succeed.

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Health Club Marketing FAQ

The Health Club industry has been facing new and unique challenges since the early 2020. But facing these challenges also creates opportunity for smart, growth minded health club owners. More than ever, it has become increasingly important to have a strong health club marketing strategy.

A good marketing strategy for health clubs and fitness centers includes:

  1. Be active on social media. Stay in communication with existing club members as well as answer questions that any new prospects may have.
  2. Have a Digital marketing strategy that will get you ranking high in local web searches on Google. This includes Pay per click search ads and ppc display ads.
  3. Identify and target high performing mailing routes around your health club and saturate them with a fitness direct mail promotion.
  4. Use a sophisticated, yet easy to understand fitness marketing and analytics tracking system for all of your health club marketing that will enable to you to understand how your marketing dollars are performing.

Absolutely. Health Club Direct Mail has still proven proven to have a higher response rate than social media and ppc ads. The key is to identify which routes are most densely packed with prospects that are most likely to respond to you fitness promotion. These are identified as the hottest routes around your health club. When used in conjunction with your digital marketing, fitness direct mail can also have a very positive effect on online conversion rates and ROI.

This is the big question, and there is not an easy answer as results often differ from market to market. In most markets, direct mail has a higher average response rate and read rate, but fitness digital marketing has key advantages such as flexible budgets and flexible audience targeting. Most successful fitness industry and health club operators understand the the need for a balanced marketing mix of both direct mail and digital marketing. Fitness marketing has become more competitive than ever, and it has never been more important to make sure that your advertising is reaching all possible channels.

Though Facebook membership and conversion rates from Facebook ads have seen a downward trend since 2019, Facebook is still a valuable channel to give your fitness center great exposure in your local community. Facebook has sophisticated audience profiling that will enable you have your digital ads exclusively shown to a tightly targeted audience around your club. So although you may not see a high conversion rate from your fitness ads on Facebook, Facebook ads still important to your fitness marketing as they are a way great way to reach local residents, and often show up as an important touch point in the conversion life cycle.

Online marketing has become increasingly important for businesses of all types, including health clubs. By using online marketing tactics like SEO, social media, email campaigns, and digital advertising, health clubs can reach a wider audience than ever before. This can help them attract new members to their gym and increase their revenue. Online marketing also allows health clubs to measure the success of their campaigns more accurately and efficiently. By tracking metrics like click-through rates and conversions, they can quickly identify which tactics are working and which ones aren’t, allowing them to adjust their strategy accordingly. In short, online marketing is a powerful tool that can help health clubs increase their reach and profitability.

Marketing group fitness classes can be challenging, but with the right approach, it can be a successful endeavor. One of the most effective ways to market your classes is to create an online presence. This could include having a website and social media accounts where you can post information about your classes and invite people to join. You should also take advantage of word-of-mouth marketing; ask your current members to spread the word about your classes and encourage them to bring their friends. You can also look into traditional marketing methods like direct mail, print ads, and radio spots. Finally, make sure you are offering high-quality classes that are engaging and fun. People will be more likely to come back if they enjoy their experience.

Middleburg Martial Arts
Middleburg Martial Arts
Great marketing material! Thank you !
Sandra Gibson
Sandra Gibson
Absolutely superb business, Great people. excellent results
Betty Landis
Betty Landis
I have been working with Members Today for the past 2 years and they have nailed our mailer every month. I give them our idea/thoughts and they take it to the next level. Always professional and helpful.
Dennis Holcom
Dennis Holcom
Amazing customer service. Members Today always delivers.
They have always been very accommodating and responsive. Would definitely recommend.
Gary Mirsky
Gary Mirsky
As a an owner of Emerald Coast Fitness, Two Golds Gyms on the Gulf Coast of Florida and founder and CEO of Proclub Management Group, I have worked with Members Today for over ten years and have always made them a cornerstone when developing and executing my month and annual marketing plans. The are a dream to work with and unlike many other marketing companies they are ultra responsive and professional. Love these guys and would highly recommend.
Sunrise Taekwondo
Sunrise Taekwondo
We have used Member's today for as long as I can remember, at least 9 years now. Their product is professional, their staff follow up with us and always check in to see how we are. I have never had an issue with our mailers or timing, they even manage to get things out last minute when I've waited too long! You won't regret working with them.
Mike Prosnick
Mike Prosnick
Members Today has a TEAM of professionals that know the market and help you GROW the business as a partner not just a vendor. JAM!
Justin Fouse
Justin Fouse
Adam and the Members Today team have been instrumental in targeting the customers that we want while helping us better understand our marketplace. Not only have I received excellent service over the years with Members Today but I have built some great friendships. Give them a shot and you won't ever leave!
Christin Toll
Christin Toll
We have worked with Member's Today for many years and they have always done great work at a great price for us!


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