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Attract new members to your club and expand awareness through a fitness digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to get your promotions in front of customers and track the results with advanced metrics and reporting. When coordinated with a targeted direct mail campaign, a digital marketing strategy can take your promotion beyond the mailbox and follow potential members throughout their entire online experience from device to device.


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    Why Does Your Health Club Need a Fitness Digital Marketing Strategy?

    Consider this fact: 80% of people in the US perform an internet search to find out information about a local business and services BEFORE making a purchasing decision.

    It’s very simple – Your health club needs digital marketing to stay competitive. Without a fitness digital marketing strategy your health club will miss massive opportunities to generate new leads. Fitness marketing is becoming increasingly competitive, and it has become more imperative that your health club focuses on having a powerful digital footprint, which includes being prominently ranked within internet search results. An organized digital marketing strategy will get your health club in front of web searchers and convert them into members, before your competition beats you to the punch. At Members Today, we will create a digital marketing strategy laser focused to your target demographic that delivers new leads at the highest possible ROI.

    Our Fitness Digital Marketing Services Include:

    Health Club Pay Per Click Advertising

    Search Ads

    Often the very first encounter a potential new member has with health your club is via Google online search results. Having a compelling text ad that is relevant to searchers is a crucial tool that will help you stand out and get increased clicks to your website. With a Pay Per Click text ad campaign, it is easy to control your budget as you only pay if your ad is clicked on! All PPC Ad Campaigns include detailed monthly reporting so you can track your results and your ROI.

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    Health Club Digital Remarketing Ads

    Remarketing Display Ads

    Reach people after they have interacted with your health club! Remarketing ads are a powerful tool to drive sales and promote brand awareness. Remarketing ads follow web searchers throughout the internet, displaying your promotion throughout websites that are part of the Google display network. Also, the ads have the potential to follow potential new members from device to device! Also with remarketing ads, you only pay if your ad is clicked on!

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    Fitness Social Media Management

    Facebook News Feed Ads

    Reach the correct demographic with highly targeted Facebook ads. Facebook ads have powerful filters that give you the ability to choose the type of people you want to reach with your promotion. Options include targeting prospects by location, age, interests, and more. Also, using the Facebook pixel, we can create ads that will show up in the news feed of anyone that has interacted with your website, and follow them throughout Facebook.

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    Fitness Email Marketing


    Stay top of mind with existing members and win back former members with email marketing promotions. Send newsletters, design eye-catching promo campaigns, and keep members informed about the latest events and news. Create a personal connection with your members by sending out “welcome new member emails” as well as “birthday” and “anniversary” emails. Email marketing campaigns are a great way to keep your members engaged.

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    “Great response! This card was the best advertisement we have ever done. Still getting calls 6 weeks after the cards went out.” – Tim

    “We’ve had a very good month so far. We are currently at 74 memberships…should close out at 80 or above. I’m pleased..” – Lisa

    “January was great! We got at least 50 sales from the post card and then I stopped counting!” – Alicia

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