Response Tracking & Route Performance Reporting

Optimize where you mail! Target High Performing Routes!

Stop over saturating routes. Optimize route rotation!

Track and Review Response and ROI.

At Members Today, we specialize in arming our clients with the most accurate Data Analytics and Response Tracking & Reporting in the fitness marketing industry. We have created a sophisticated, yet hassle-free reporting system that allows our clients to understand what are the best routes to mail, as well as allowing them to track response rates and compare them with prior health club direct mailings. Start getting the most out of your health club marketing!


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    Route Performance Reporting


    Optimize where you mail!

    Target routes based
    on previous performance.

    Target routes where
    members already exist.

    Stop oversaturating routes.
    Optimize route rotation.

    See exactly where you mailed
    previous campaigns.

    Increase your ROI with
    informed route selections.

    Fitness Landing Pages


    Why Use a Landing Page?

    More and more consumers are responding to print advertising by going to the internet first.

    Target routes where
    members already exist.

    With a landing page, a unique web URL is added to your direct mail to track web hits.

    Using a landing page lets you capture and measure the web response much the same as a call tracking number.

    Fitness Promotions Response Tracking

    & ROI

    Review your campaign’s performance for all club
    locations in one easy report.

    Track Call Response.

    Track Web Response.

    Track Member Joins.

    Cost Analysis.

    ROI Analysis.

    Fitness Club ROI Reports


    A visual representation of where your current members live

    Helps with strategic decisions for new locations

    Visual aid for mail route selections, guerilla marketing, and flyer distribution

    Plot multiple locations to visualize membership overlap

    Check out What Our Clients are Saying…

    “Great response! This card was the best advertisement we have ever done. Still getting calls 6 weeks after the cards went out.” – Tim

    “We’ve had a very good month so far. We are currently at 74 memberships…should close out at 80 or above. I’m pleased..” – Lisa

    “January was great! We got at least 50 sales from the post card and then I stopped counting!” – Alicia

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