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For over 10 years, Members Today has set the standard for delivering results with targeted fitness direct mail. Our staff of fitness marketing industry experts is dedicated to helping your business attract and retain new members though unique and effective direct mail promotions. You can’t beat our quality! All of our direct mail products are printed using top of the line Heidelberg and Mitsubishi printers, then sorted and bundled for mailing and shipped directly from our facility, so we are able to closely manage every aspect of every job.


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    Get a Higher Response Rate and Better ROI with Direct Mail!

    Why Direct Mail?

    55% read newspapers

    75% have Internet access

    95% have telephones

    98% have TV sets

    100% HAVE A MAILBOX!

    You can’t “change the channel”
    You can’t “delete” direct mail
    You can’t “turn off” your mailbox
    You can’t mark direct mail as “spam”

    Personal Invitation

    Signing a membership agreement is a personal decision. Direct Mail is a 1 to 1 personal communication between you and your potential client. Second only to face-to-face selling!

    Direct Mail is “quiet.”
    Prospects learn about you without the interruptions and distractions of “noisy” online searches. Direct Mail creates a highly interactive experience via our Mobile Landing Page Solution…

    Walking them through your business via a virtual tour “hot link” button

    Create personal bond via a “meet the staff” hot link button

    Hear what our clients say via social media hot link button

    Proactive Communication

    Reach out to new clients BEFORE they come searching for you! YOU control the search process. Focuses on Your business – EXCLUSIVELY

    Neighborhood Reach

    Direct Mail Delivers….

    Highly targeted to prospects in YOUR immediate service area

    A higher quality client by targeting specific demographics such as household income, age, home value and more

    A ‘sense of community’ by speaking directly to the neighborhood surrounding YOUR business.

    How Does the Targeted Direct Mail Process Work? We Make it Simple!

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