Direct Mail versus Digital Advertising

direct mail vs digital ads
direct mail vs digital ads

Direct Mail OFFERS…

Consumers who received direct mail advertisements were able to recall 75% of the time, compared to 44% for digital ads. *

Direct mail generates a MUCH HIGHER average response rate of .5 to 1%.  Social Media, Email, and Internet Display ads only have an average response rate of .02 to .1%. **

79% of consumers are likely to act on direct mail immediately, versus 45% with email.*****

79% percent of households at least scan their direct mail daily and 55% report they read their entire direct-mail daily.  Most people do not sort through their individual emails daily. Usually they select all and delete. ***

Direct mail connects on a personal level, generating a 1 on 1 relationship without noisy distractions. Digital viewers are busy and inundated with competing notifications from email, social media, and display ads.****

Sources: *True Impact Marketing , **Direct Mail Marketing Association, ***, ****, *****


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