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Stand Out!

Mailboxes are increasingly filled with advertising and bills, but the professionally designed format of our Member Mailers gives them the appearance of an invitation or a special announcement. The format is intriguing, inviting, and not only does it stand out from the crowd, it entices the prospect to open it up to see what great news is inside!

Special 1-to-1 Connection!

Our Member Mailers instantly create a 1-to-1 dialog with the prospect. Rather than feeling like a piece of advertising, each one gives a sense of exclusivity. The message is simple; your gym appreciates their membership. The offers and discounts contained inside the mailer now have real value as the prospect feels that they are receiving something significant.

Promote Profit Centers!

You are losing money if you do not promote what you have! Smoothie bars, pro shops, tanning, massage, drinks, snacks, and more. Promote these profit centers within your current membership base and give members real incentive to try them. Once they try them, they may love them.

Encourage Referrals
and Family Add-Ons!

One of the best ways to get new members is through a referral network. Including coupons with referral and add-on incentives is crucial, and mixing them in among the other discount and reward coupons gives them a higher perceived value and more of a direct benefit to the member.

Unbeatable Prices!

This is the best part. At Members Today, our Member Mailer prices are unbeatable! Call us today at 866-418-2055.  Our consultants will assist you in developing the best invitation promotion for your needs.

Card Specs

  • Size: 6×11 inches (flat), 4.5×6 inches (folded)
  • Heavy Card Stock
  • Full Color, Full Bleed on BOTH SIDES
  • Perfed, Easy to Remove Coupons
  • Tri-Fold Invitation with Metallic Wafer Seal
fitness member mailing

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    The easiest place to generate new revenue
    is through your current member base!