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Back-to-School Martial Arts Marketing

It’s time for back to school, so it’s time to start filling your martial arts classes with new students! This time of year, the most pressing issue on the minds of most parents is ensuring that their child will be equipped for success in the coming school year. Every parent has concerns if their child has the focus and confidence needed to make the year a positive and successful experience. 

As a martial arts school, it is the best time of the year to invest in local martial arts marketing initiatives that promote the benefits of your programs and provides your school with much needed exposure in the local community. From marital arts direct mail to digital marketing, This article discusses some important strategies that will make your back-to-school martial arts marketing a success.

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Focus on Improved Behavior in the Classroom and at Home

Every parent worries about getting the dreaded call from a school official saying that their child was disrespectful to a teacher or was misbehaving in class, or worse yet, was aggressive toward other students. It is a fact that many elementary age kids struggle with respect in the classroom and also lack the social skills and discipline to succeed in a classroom environment.

This is the opportunity to promote the life lessons your programs can teach students, in terms of respect, discipline and socialization skills. Studies show that children learn important life skills from martial arts that directly carry over into school, helping to improve behavior and even grades. Important skills such as patients, self-control, focus, and respect are the building block of school success and should be the main message in your back-to-school marital arts marketing.

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Talk About Bully Prevention

Bulling has always been a problem in schools. Now it has been taken to an entirely different level with the advent of cyber bullying. Bullying is one of the hottest topics among parents with school age children and it is one of the biggest issues that schools face. Studies show that 49% of children in grades 4-12 reported being bullied by other students at some point during school. Martial arts classes not only give kids the ability to defend themselves against bullies, they also give children the awareness to avoid bad situations. Martial arts can also give young kids the confidence to seek out an adult before a bullying situation gets out of hand.

Your back-to-school marketing needs to point out the teaching of bully preventions. Many martial arts schools have easy to remember lesson plans like “The ABC’s of Bully Prevention”. Initiatives like that are memorable and grab the attention of parents.

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Highlight After School Transportation

Having an after-school transportation program can be a huge selling point and possibly the differentiating factor that makes your martial arts school the choice of many parents. We all know that life is very busy and free time is at a minimum. The majority of married households are made up of 2 working parents. Among married-couple families with children, 97.5 percent had at least one employed parent in 2019, and 64.2 percent had both parents employed.

Offering after school transportation can be a huge selling point and also should be highlighted on our marketing pieces. Another benefit of having an after-school transportation program, are the relationships you will develop the local schools, as well as the brand exposure you will get from having your school’s transportation vehicle visible during school pickup.

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Host An Open House

Kick off the school year on the right foot by hosting an open house. This is could be a fun opportunity for local families to come in and meet your instructors and learn about your programs. Have games, provide demonstrations and offer the chance for kids to try out fun skills. Make it clear that even though learning martial arts is serious, it can also be a lot of fun!

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Have a FREE Trial to Get Students Interested

One of the most important things you can do in your martial arts marketing is too offer an incentive that has real perceived value. These incentives you get children excited and should entice parents.

One of the incentives that works the best is a 7 Day Free Trial. A free trial will give the children and the parents a good preview of what martial arts training is about. Also, allow the child to bring a friend! That is a great way make the child feel even more excited and more comfortable about trying something new. Keep in mind that back-to school can be an expensive time for families, especially those who have more than one child in activities, so make it as easy as possible for families to ease into a martial arts membership.

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Back To School Martial Arts FAQ

Back to school can be a great time to advertise martial arts classes. The start of a new school year brings a renewed energy and commitment to learning, which can be a great time for students to take on a new activity. With the kids back in school, parents may have more free time and may be looking for activities that their kids can participate in. Martial arts classes can provide great physical and mental benefits, making them an ideal choice for children of all ages. Advertising martial arts classes during the back to school season can also give potential students the chance to try out a class before making a commitment. Advertising during this time can be a great way to reach a large audience and get potential students excited about learning martial arts.

One great back-to-school martial arts promotion is to offer discounted classes for new students. This could include a special deal for a certain number of classes at a lower rate, or a discounted membership for the semester. You could also offer special packages for parents and children who sign up together. For example, you could offer a family membership that includes classes for both the parent and the child. You could also host an open house or special event where people can come in and try out your classes for free. Finally, you could offer a referral program where existing members get rewards for referring new members. These types of promotions can help to spread word-of-mouth about your martial arts school and attract new students.

Yes, direct mail is a great way to promote a martial arts school. Direct mail is an effective way to reach potential students because it allows you to target specific people or neighborhoods. You can send mailers with information about your classes and special offers to people who may be interested in signing up for lessons. You can also use direct mail to keep current students informed about upcoming events and special promotions. Direct mail is affordable, easy to track, and can be personalized to ensure that your message reaches the right people. With direct mail, you can reach potential students who may not be aware of your school and get them interested in learning martial arts.

When it comes to promoting martial arts classes for back to school, it is worth considering both digital ads and direct mail. Digital ads can be very effective at reaching a wide audience, and can be tailored to target specific types of people. For example, you could use geotargeting to reach people in your local area. Direct mail can also be useful, as it can be used to send personalized messages to potential customers. This can be especially effective if you are targeting parents who may have children interested in martial arts classes. It is worth considering both options and deciding which one would be most effective for your particular situation.


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