It’s that time of year again. it’s late Spring, and most people are scrambling to get their bodies in shape for summer. Whether it is to look good in new swimsuit, or just feel better so they can enjoy an active summer, men and women are trying to shed unwanted pounds. But as we all know, losing weight on your own can often be frustrating and very difficult. This is the perfect time for your health club to ramp up it’s fitness marketing and increase it’s membership base.

Fitness Direct Mail Piece

Fitness marketing for the summer can be tricky, but there are certain areas that your health club should focus on to increase your chance of a successful return on investment. Initiating a balanced program that consists of direct marketing, solo direct mail advertising, and gorilla marketing can be highly effective if the message of this marketing is focused on how your health club can benefit the prospective member during the summer.

Some key areas to promote include:

fitness direct mail

  • Personal Training: Perhaps the most effective way to burn off those stubborn unwanted pounds. Emphasize the results and motivation that comes with worki