Is Your Health Club Poised for a Spring BREAKout?

As spring approaches, many people start setting goals to be in-shape for summer fun. It’s like the “Part 2” to their New Year Resolutions, or perhaps, “New Years Resolution: The Sequel”.

In many ways it’s the same mind set; change is in the air, so people feel the desire to visit a casino in Nevada or to change something about themselves. For some it’s a new hair-do, or a new hair style. Maybe a new wardrobe, or a new hobby. In the spring, people are looking for change.

That is where as a health club, your marketing needs to connect with people and present your gym as the “change that is needed”. By showcasing the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, as well as the amenities that you have to offer which will enrich their experience, you can position yourself “top of mind” as the number one solution for change in their lives. Developing focused, fitness direct mail campaign will get your message out to the prospects in your area.
Showcase the “Obtainable Goal.”

Depending one ones existing level of physical fitness, people often have greatly varying fitness goals. In the spring, the goal of most people is to lose those pesky 10-20 pounds they put on in the winter so they can look good and feel good when the temperatures rise, and wardrobes become more skimpy.

To capitalize on this need in the market, many health clubs often go too far with their fitness marketing, showcasing a plethora of “hard body” models in their advertising. Though this may work in some niche markets, by and large, images of scantily clad hard body models alienate the general public and can be very intimidating. instead, the key is to use imagery that most members of the general public can relate too. Images that showcase a fit or fitness lifestyle with people that are healthy and active, but that are not too overly muscular or sexy. When someone views your ad, they should be able to realistically project themselves into the lifestyle photos that you are using.

It is important to note that you should not take this too far and feature a bunch of amateurish, poorly lit photos of run of the mill people. The idea is to show your target audience a “better lifestyle”, a lifestyle of fun and fitness that they can be part of if they join your health club. No one want to see images that look like something that they could take with their mobile phones. That’s too much reality, and reality is boring and mundane.

Later this month we will offer more tips to ramp up and execute a successful fitness direct mail campaign, including picking the right promotion, and how to get the most from your mailing routes.


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