Is Your Health Club Poised for a Spring BREAKout?

As spring approaches, many people start setting goals to be in-shape for summer fun. It's like the "Part 2" to their New Year Resolutions, or perhaps, "New Years Resolution: The Sequel". In many ways it's the same mind set; change is in the air, so people feel the desire to visit a casino in Nevada [...]

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Back to School Martial Arts Direct Mail

It's Back to School time again!  Every parent wants to ensure that their child will have the tools to succeed in the upcoming school year, so make sure that you promote the benefits of your martial arts program. Consumers are flooded with choices every day, so make sure that your program is top of mind [...]

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Get New Members BEFORE Summer!

It's that time of year again. it's late Spring, and most people are scrambling to get their bodies in shape for summer. Whether it is to look good in new swimsuit, or just feel better so they can enjoy an active summer, men and women are trying to shed unwanted pounds. But as we all [...]

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Fitness Direct Mail – New Years Means New Members!

It's no secret that New Year's is the most important time of the year for fitness and health clubs. It's the time of year when club owners look forward to filling their clubs with new members and beefing up their EFT's. It's the time of the year when the marketplace if filled with eager new [...]

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5 Tips for Creating a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Creating a successful direct mail campaign can be a complicated process. There are many factors to be considered that can affect the success of your mail piece. So, before you lock yourself in your basement office and sit down with your favorite piece of outdated "layout" software, here are 5 key points to consider. [divider [...]

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Turn New Movers into New Members!

Make an Instant Impact with New Movers in Your Area! Our New Mover Membership Cards stand out from the crowd and get the attention of new prospects! Find out more at

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Back to School is Martial Arts Season

The Back-to-School season is the very best time of the year for martial arts studios to advertise. Promotions that outline the benefits of martial arts and how they improve children's success in school are very successful and get the attention of parents. The beginning of the school year is when parents get in the mindset [...]

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Reach Out to New Movers!

Make an Instant Impact with New Movers in your area. Nothing grabs a new prospects attention like our individually customized, ultra UV coated New Mover Membership Cards. To find out how you can reach out to new movers in your area, visit:

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