Why is Fitness Marketing Unique?

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Let’s face it, most people just do not enjoy working out. In fact, only 20% of the US population meet or exceed physical activity guidelines. Simply put, most people in the US would rather spend their evenings chilling at home eating pizza and watching TV, rather than eating a salad and spending an hour on a treadmill. No matter how much health-conscious people in the fitness industry preach the benefits of diet and exercise, most people will remain reluctant.

What Motivates People to Join a Health Club?

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So how do we motivate the 80% of people in the US that do not meet physical activity guidelines to change their habits? Well, it is not easy. It is very difficult to sell a product that most people just do not feel inspired to purchase. On top that, fitness memberships offer very little instant gratification. Yes, a new member may start to feel some body changes immediately, but we all know that in most cases it will take some time for new member to start seeing real results in the mirror. In our current culture of instant gratification, that a sizable hurdle to clear.

We need to understand the core of what prompts consumers to purchase a product. It has always been argued that there are two major reasons that consumers spend money are;

  1. To avoid or “treat” pain – such as buying clothes if you are sad, buying medicines if you are sick.
  2. To obtain pleasure or joy – buying a high calorie coffee drink because it tastes good, spending money on lavish vacations to relax, or paying top dollar for a pair of shoes because they look good with an outfit.

That leaves you two choices in fitness marketing, choose to market on the fact that people will have a lower quality of life, with bad physical results and weight gain if they do not exercise, or choose to market on the pleasurable or joyful aspects associated with working out.

We have always found that it is much more effective if your fitness marketing inspires people and shows them achievable, positive results.

People want to have fun, they want to be confident, and they want to feel a level of accomplishment. People also feel a powerful need to be part of a community, and that they are strong. So use your marketing to promote these factors and tap into the consumers pleasure centers. Your fitness marketing should focus on the benefits of your services and inspire or motivate people to take action

Identity Your Target Demographic.

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If you want to tap into the pleasure centers that motivate consumers to purchase your service, you first must identify and define who you are marketing too. Understanding your target market is crucial to crafting the proper messaging in your fitness marketing. Knowing your target marketing affects everything from your messaging, your design, and your offers.

When your target demographic receives a piece of your fitness marketing, they should be able to identify with it and see “their achievable dream” or the achievable, positive outcome that resonates with them. If you can understand your ideal client, then you can use informed data to properly develop products, services, campaigns, and messaging that appeal to them specifically.

4 Main Fitness Marketing Channels

With so many fitness marketing options, and different ways advertise your health club, what are the best ways to spend your marketing dollars? It can become downright overwhelming trying to identity what is the right choice to generate new member acquisition at an acceptable ROI. Below, we have identified the 4 most effective fitness marketing channels give your brand exposure, generate interest, and bring in leads in your local market.